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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Quarantine may have took our gym away, but it's not taking our gains!

Steel's Mission

"To Create Products, Services And Inspiration In Order To Instill Definiteness Of Purpose In The Minds And Bodies Of All In Order To Advance Humanity."

Jason Huh - Founder & CEO

From The Bros

The Steel team has figured it out! The Bro's consider themselves above average lifters, but the 315lb bench was a milestone we just couldn't seem to reach. Mikey was topping out at 295 and I had just reached 300 on my third cycle of our progressive overload training. This was definitely progress, but we needed something to push us over the hill.

We were on what I would call the rookie ball supplement program. Two scoops of your Walmart grade Whey Protein and a C4 energy drink before the gym. Realizing we needed something extra to get us to our goal, we looked to none other than the stacked king Dan Bilzerian. As an avid Bilzerian fan boy, I had seen him post this mystery supplements brand called Steel Supplements numerous times, but after failing on 305 and seeing another Danny B endorsement in the same day... I knew I had to check it out. I went to the steel page and used there extremely user friendly "Goal Selector" to find the products I needed. There it was like a beacon in the dark. The Steel Mass Stack, advertised as a 4-8 week cycle to get you to your dream size and strength. I checked out Tony Pasquale's breakdown on youtube and I was sold.

Locked in with a new found passion and commitment Mikey and I started our cycle the day the mass stack arrived. We both felt a new found boost in energy that was only rivaled by the boost in confidence once the gains started flowing in. My favorite part was the energy I could maintain throughout my lift and I felt nearly as strong in my last 30 mins as I did in my first 30 mins. Mikey was stoked about the new bicep vein after the second week. Needless to say the results were not just in our aesthetics and energy, but in the results as well. I exceeded my goal and hit 320lbs on my 4th cycle through progressive overload, complimented by the Mass Stack. Even Mikey was able to push up to 315lbs. With just 4 weeks using Steel's game changing products we both added 20lbs to our bench. I'm fired up about the results and I want you to feel the same.

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