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Are Energy Drinks Bad for You?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Bucked up can help you pick the energy drink you feel good about.

Short answer: Yes, but not all of them!

Do you care about your body? Do you need energy? Are you addicted to energy drinks that make you feel horrible? It seems like there are so many claims from energy drink companies that they’ve FINALLY a brand new product out there that is top-of-the-line, delicious, and has the benefits of whatever fad diet is happening at the moment, yet you never know what is in them.

There are the unhealthy energy drinks that are filled with chemicals, soda with way too much sugar and caffeine, and coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore, right? It doesn’t have to be like that!

Bucked Up has created an energy drink for the person who does care about their body, somebody who wants a healthier way to get that energy without the crash. Answering the question: are energy drinks bad for you? They certainly don’t have to be!! It is all about knowing what you are putting in your body!

What Makes Bucked Up Better?

Bucked Up prides itself on using a non-proprietary blend, because they feel that transparency and honesty about what they are providing you to put into your body is a #1 priority. When using a proprietary blend, it allows supplement companies to hide amounts of each ingredient that they include in their product. Bucked Up doesn’t want to hid that from you—instead they use a non-proprietary blend with the highest quality of ingredients.

Is Bucked Up Right for Me?

Although Bucked Up is fantastic for athletes and training, their products are not just for the fitness industry. In their own words they are here to help those who are:

  • The entrepreneur with a sales pitch to dominate

  • The college kid with a mid-term to ace

  • The gamer with competition to smash

  • The server with two tables to great & food in the window.

  • The stim-junkie who just wont crash

They are targeting anybody who is looking for a great energy drink, even those who are concerned about what ingredients are in it.

What Are the Ingredients?

Not only does Bucked Up tell you exactly what is in your drink, but they give you the information about what those ingredients do for you. Like they say, honesty in the label is their priority. Let’s look at some of the information provided directly by Bucked Up about what is in their drinks:


Attacks tiredness, targeting neuro-activators & the central nervous system. Providing longer-lasting, time-released energy.


Also providing long lasting, time-released energy. TeaCrine kicks in as caffeine’s peak ends and continues longer.


300mg of natural energy in each drink.


Clinically shown to increase mental sharpness, learning capacity and memory.


Boots endurance, stamina, and has been shown to increase focus during stress.

Other Ingredients:

Vitamin B6, Taurine, L-Theanine, Deer Antler Velvet Extract, Vitamin B12,Huperzine-A, Korean Red Ginseg

Their website has a more detailed list of all ingredients and how they give you the ideal energy!

What Flavors Do They Have?

When Bucked Up says they have something for everybody who is looking for energy - they are not kidding around. They have come out with 6 flavors - all delicious!

  • Blood Raz- sweet, succulent, tart

  • Blue Raz- sweet & tangy

  • Grape Gainz- Crisp, tantalizing, with a hint of sweetness

  • Killa OJ- Better, stronger version of OJ, revitalizing & delicious

  • Rocket Pop- The flavor of freedom, childhood & red white and blue

  • Wild Orchard- sweet, crisp & juicy

They sell their products as canned energy drinks and as powder, but they don’t stop there. Bucked Up is proud of their energy drinks, but they are a full-force company where you can get other supplements & products no matter who you are! Pre-natal supplements, immunity boosters, apparel, testosterone supplements and more!

Where Can I Get Bucked Up?

Use any of the codes listed on our Bucked Up Page to save on your order. While you shop there be sure to take full advantage of all that they have to offer and check out their blog! You can find tips and tons of information on wellness, fitness, and how to take care of your body!

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